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一、HeChinese Class Information

HeChinese Study Method is a completely new way to learn Chinese, it starts from 25 Characters (一コ匚又王,丨凵冂口日,十土艹木米,丿亻人女犭,丶冫氵火心) not from PinYin.

HeChinese Study Method is an easy, fast and effective way to learn Chinese, there are many successful testimonies for kids and foreign adults.

Study Chinese with PinYin is not effective way, actually it is wrong way. Firstly students are always find that it is hard to separate PinYin sound from English sound, and difficult to pronounce PinYin 4 tones. Secondly start and rely on PinYin, lead students do not like Chinese words, result them only read PinYin, without Chinese reading capability.

Study Chinese with HeChinese, in 80~130 hours (1~3 months), student will get complete knowledge of Chinese words, writing and typing skills, and learn 614 words and 770 phrases listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Lessons are given with computer applications, and with text books, practicing cards and teacher’s intensive guides.

Main content includes:

1. HeChinese knowledge & skills (6~10) hours, you can write & type every Chinese words.

2. HeBook1 (30~50 hours), study 272 Chinese new words and 350 phrases' meaning, pronunciation, writing and typing, reach Chinese element school grade 1 level.

3. HeBook2 (30~50 hours), study 342 Chinese new words and 420 phrases' meaning, pronunciation, writing and typing, reach Chinese element school grade 2 level.

4. PinYin (10 hours), study PinYin, spell PinYin, and pronounce new words.

After around 80~130 hours study, student will be able to read Chinese books, write or type simple article, and have fundamental conversation capability.

5. Weekly meetup, as extensional practice, every week student picks up a Chinese book, read at home, then meet up at weekend in a group, reading a paragraph text or tell a story in Chinese, in order to form reading and speaking skills and habit.


For more information, please contact Liliek Setiawan at 062 812 2650 111



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