Frequently Asked Question


一、Beginner's FAQ

Q1、What is "HeChinese"? Where does the name come from?

A:The full name of HeChinese is "HeChinese Theory and Technology", it is based on "HeMa(和码) Chinese Word Coding Theory".

Since this technology is suitable to operate on main keyboard "and" numpad, and can be adapted to simplified 'and' traditional Chinese, so we named it as 'and'.

'and' in Chinese is 和, 和's PinYin(Sound) is "He". Instead call it 'AndChinese', we named it 'HeChinese'. Pronounce it as H + E +Chinese, not He + Chinese.

HeChinese is a systematical theory and technology for Chinese words, which includes 25 Chinese characters and their varieties, Chinese words' analysis and decomposing rules, and Chinese word study, practice and typing method.

HeChinese as a study method can help to learn Chinese words quickly and effectively. Intended teenagers can master HeChinese in 3 hours, and then can analysis, decompse and type all Chinese words.

HeChinese as a input method can type Chinese much faster than PinYin and other input methods on phone and computer. 

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Q2、How can HeChinese be used on main keyboare (with PC) and numpad (with mobile phone)?

A:HeChiese has 25 Chinese characters, starting from these 25 characters, we can learn Chinese words, practie and type Chinese words in computer and mobile phone.

These 25 characters are arranged in 5x5 matrix, and each character get its code from column and row number, for example: 丨: 31; 王: 15; 米: 55


These 25 characters or 25 numbers can be input using 25 keys on main keyboard:


And these 25 numbers can be input using 12345 five digital keys on mobile phone:

Mobile numpad

So when we study HeChinese, we can practice and type 25 characters and Chinese words on PC and mobile phone.

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Q3、Who should use HeChinese, How long does it take to learn?

A:HeChinese as advanced Chinese study and typing method, can be used by all kinds of Chinese learners and Chinese users (inside or outside China), from 5-year-old children to adults.

There are many cases of using "HeChinese" to teaching children and foreign Chinese learner, every case achieved amazing result.

HeChinese is very easy to learn, for intended learner with properly guide can master HeChinese technical in hours.

6 years old children can master HeChinese in 10 hours.

Teenages can master HeChinese in 8 or less hours.

Within 10 hours study and training, learners can decompose and encode all Chinese words, using 25 number to practice and type Chinese words.

HeChinese is a key to unlock the secret of Chinese words, a easy way to recognize, to write, to type Chinese words, a fundamental skills for further Chinese study of speaking and reading.


二、HeChinese Study Method FAQ

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Q1、For foreign Chinese learners, Should they start Chinese study from PinYin or HeChinese?

A:If you want to learn Chinese reading and writing, I am sure, PinYin is wrong way to start.

In several decades, 90% Foreign Chinese learners started Chinese study from PinYin, 90% of them are resistant to Chinese word, unable to Chinese reading and writing.

So many years so many participants have convinced that, learning Chinese reading and writing by PinYin is absolutely wrong way.

By HeChinese method, 6-year-old children with 10 hours, teenages with 8 hours, can analysis and decompose all Chinese words, can write and type all Chinese words. Chinese reading are writing is not difficult actually.

Start from HeChinese, within 10 hours students get the skills of Chinese words writing ang typing, then learn words' meaning and pronunciation, that is the right way for all foreign Chinese learners.

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Q2、Why so many years, foreign Chinese study insisted in the wrong way?

A:There are several reasons, but one simple reason is that the correct method did not exist before.

Chinese words are difficult before, many efforts have been put in to find a good method for study, but all ware failed till HeChinese invented.

if you want to teach or study Chinese reading and writing, please take HeChinese method, no other good alternative exists.

There is a good article which gives a deepth explaination about Chinese study (problem, analysis and solution), and explains why HeChinese is the right way to start with, but it is currently in Chinese, following is the link:



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Q3、How to get HeChinese meterial, software and course?

There are many HeChinese study meterials online, most ot them are free available, following is a short list of these inside this website:

1. HeChinese Study and Typing software for Windows System is at Software/Windows section.

2. HeChinese Study and Typing software for Mac OS is Software/MacOS section.

3. There are two HeChinese software for iPhone/iPad on AppStore, there are: HeCharacter, and HeChinese.

4. Training video is at Study section.

5. There are three books and many cards available from Business section.