HeChinese Software On Mac OS X


一. Download and Install HeMaIMK

Click and Download:


Unzip HeMaIMK.zip file to get two applications:

1. HeChinese.app

This is HeChinese self-training application, double click to run it.

2. HeMaIMK.app

This is HeChinese Input application, you have 3 steps to install and configure it.

Step 1: Copy HeMaIMK.app to user's /Library/Input Methods/ directory;

Step 2: Log out and log in your account;

Step 3:

Open "System Preferences" , then click "Language & Text" icon, then click "Input Sources" tab, you will see HeMaIMK with 3 subitems in the list.

Select checkbox next to the input method you want to use.

Select the “Show Input menu in menu bar” checkbox at bottom of the Language & Text dailog.

You have installed and configure HeMaIMK.app.


When you want to use HeMaIMK to input Chinese, click the Input menu icon (international symbol) in the upper-right corner of the menu bar, choose HeMaIMK from the menu.


二. HeMaIMK Usage

1. HeMaIMK can input 21,003 Chinese Words, and 180,000 phrases.

2. Input through main keyboard or numpad.

3. There are three input modes: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, HeEnglish. Use code 0 + selection to switch between them, or use key 'fn' + char key to switch as following instruction.

fn is function key.

fn + e: switch to English mode. (Shift + Character, switch to English mode too);

fn + j, fn + s: switch to Simplified Chinese mode, (jianTi, simplified Chinese);

fn + f, fn + t: switch to Traditional Chinese mode(fanTi, traditional Chinese);

fn + p: switch to PinYin mode (pinYin);

fn + c: reset to default mode(chinese);

fn + h: switch to HeEnglish mode(heEnglish);

fn + l: turn On/Off linked input(lianXiang);

fn + a: turn On/Off PinYin prompt(annotation);